Design Thinking.

Design thinking is a useful method for creating solutions to difficult problems. It is an innovation method that can be applied in many domains, including service design, experience design and systems design. It is used by large enterprises and small start-ups, in the private sector, social enterprises, non-profits, and civic-sector innovation as well.

Design Thinking is a human-centered model that encourages creativity and innovation to create a product or service that solves a complex problem for your target customer or user. It can help you innovate a new product, design a simple solution to a complex problem, or to get the whole team involved in generating design ideas so they feel included and believe in the process.
— David Kelley — IDEO

idealect's practice of human-centered design draws from traditional Design Thinking, along with other innovation frameworks, like John Bielenberg’s Think Wrong and Antionette Caroll’s Equity Centered Human Design, as ways of understanding, framing and embracing problems and opportunities.


Design Thinking Workshops

We also teach Design Thinking as a fundamental innovation skillset. Our learning experiences include fast-paced, fun introductory Design Thinking Workshops that teach fundamentals, as well as deep dives into topics such as empathy training and longer format experiences such as Master Classes and Innovation Sprints. We also design custom learning experiences for clients tailored to the unique needs of their situations and stakeholders.