Thank You

We hope you enjoyed the Intro to Design Thinking workshop. If you’re curious and want to expand your Design Thinking toolkit, the links below are great way to begin.

Design Thinking Resources

Stanford D School – This collection of methods, principles, and tools is a great starting point for growing your Design Thinking practice. – This site is an outgrowth of design firm, IDEO. The focus of this collection of stories, tools, and resources is using Design Thinking to improve the lives of people in poverty.

Design Kit – Check out the indispensable Field Guide on this site, along with the Travel Pack. Great tools for diversifying your Design Thinking skills.

Frog Design Collective Action Toolkit – The Collective Action toolkit is specifically designed to give local changemakers Design Thinking tools to make their communities better.

Design Thinking Movie – If you’re looking for an overview of Design Thinking’s history, applications, and critics, this is a great place to start.

Google Design Sprint Kit – This open source toolkit enables team leaders to run Design Sprints in the Google fashion. Well-suited to internal innovation teams.

Telepathy - Design Thinking Sprint Board – This Trello board gives a fantastic, visual overview of a Design Thinking sprint. It’s a great resource for planning or managing your first sprint.

IBM Design Thinking Field Guide – This field guide covers IBM’s philosophies and methods for implementing Design Thinking.

Public Design Vault – A well-curated collection of 500 Design Thinking tools for good. Be sure to check out the Starter Kit and Scoping Your Own Project collection.