idealect is a purpose-driven company created to increase our clients' capacity to innovate so that they can achieve their greatest economic and social impact.  We help clients find better ways generate ideas, use technology, solve problems, realize opportunities, and serve their customers and communities.

Founded as a social enterprise, our purpose is written into the founding charter of our company. We exist to  support United Nations Sustainability Goal 9 by building innovation capacity, and we support UN Sustainability Goal 10 by working to increase equity and inclusion in the solutions we design. To riff on William Gibson, idealect is working to distribute the future more equitably.

"idealect is working to distribute the future more equitably."

We work with a variety of organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, those who have a clearly articulated mission strategy and those who are just starting to discover a purpose beyond profit. 

idealect is a for-profit LLC that believes achieving purpose and profit is both possible and responsible. We don't operate only to increase shareholder wealth, we recognize our obligation to operate for the benefit of multiple stakeholders. 

If you want to co-create a better future, we welcome the chance to invent it with you.